Are there any grants available for investing in a green building project?

National Financing Opportunities for Green Building Green Communities offers grants, funding, tax credit capital and technical assistance to developers who meet the criteria for affordable housing that promotes health, conserves energy and natural resources, and provides easy access to jobs, schools and services. Is your company engaged in research and development? Most government grants go to companies that help address construction waste, water waste, structural longevity, recycling, food sustainability, and other planning issues. Green Infrastructure Policy for the State Clean Water Revolving Fund Program This memorandum establishes a national policy that promotes greater funding from the CWSRF for green infrastructure projects. EPA Office of Sustainable Communities Program Greening Communities in the United States Greening America's Communities is an EPA program that helps cities and towns develop an implementable vision of environmentally friendly neighborhoods that incorporates innovative green infrastructure and other sustainable design strategies.

The Environmental Protection Agency has a database in which you can search on relevant topics, such as possible tax credits, combined heat and energy incentives, guidelines for green construction and certification, and details on eco-certified products, designed structural wood and other ecological solutions. Identifying resources, incentives and grants for green building initiatives can be a complex task, so having the right team of experts is key to optimizing those incentives. The funds can be used to encourage the installation of green infrastructure, such as green roofs, as part of the climate control process. At the federal level, the Environmental Protection Agency offers small business grant opportunities to companies that build green infrastructure and innovate in food systems.

BUILD Transportation grants replace pre-existing grants for economic recovery (TIGER) that financed projects that included green infrastructure components. In addition, sustainability efforts often reinforce customer loyalty, making the selection of green building materials beneficial on multiple levels.

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