How do you make an existing building a green building?

How to make your building greener Take a smart approach to the use of lighting and energy. Take advantage of a robust preventive maintenance plan. Facility managers can also choose from a growing range of less toxic or non-toxic cleaning products. In addition, the products are effective, Anderson says, noting that previous offerings sometimes weren't.

Facility managers should also aim for paper products to contain 100 percent recycled content, he adds. In addition, green buildings tend to increase productivity, Best says. Improving lighting and natural lighting, for example, can improve productivity by 5 to 18 percent, according to JLL. Green buildings can participate in demand response or load reduction programs, which reduce electricity use for short periods, depending on demand, to help during periods of peak demand, when the power grid is under pressure.

Green or sustainable practices in commercial buildings produce healthier and more resource efficient operating and maintenance models. Every conservation program imaginable will be amplified when the building's occupants become partners in its green initiatives. CBRE and Maastricht University publish an annual review of the growth of green building certifications in the 30 largest in the United States. UU.

However, while several green building rating systems seem to have helped it gain rapid momentum, ironically, there seems to be a tendency to move away from formal certification. Energy modeling is a useful computer tool for modeling the energy performance of the entire building or of the systems within the building. Buildings that are recognized as green or green also add credibility to the companies that operate from them. Therefore, renovations of existing buildings can have an excessive environmental impact compared to focusing solely on green design and construction practices.

There are many characteristics of an ecological and sustainable building that differentiate it from its energy-intensive counterparts. Discuss the benefits of distributed generation if the building is in a campus cluster or can share the energy produced on-site with adjacent buildings. While they may not generate common catchy headlines among trophy construction projects, their widespread impact on the construction landscape has raised the profile of the sustainability of buildings in the consciousness of the general public. Members of the Green Business Office demonstrate their current green achievements using GBB's exclusive interactive certification seal.

Take advantage of the opportunity offered by the renovation of the building to incorporate sustainable operations and maintenance practices and switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products and methods. A first step in increasing the “veracity” of existing buildings is to determine where the building is currently located and where they would like it to go. Many organizations recognize the value of green buildings and sustainability as part of their responsibility for more than just the final results.

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