What is daylighting in relation to green buildings?

The term “natural lighting” refers to the architectural design that allows natural light to enter buildings. Natural lighting offers many benefits, such as greater productivity, better connection to the outside, better health and energy savings. Daylight is a combination of all the direct and indirect sunlight available during the day. Daylight can transform an internal space from a boring atmosphere to a psychologically uplifting experience.

This ability to radiate the area and fill it with energy inspires the architect to include natural light in a building whenever possible. If architects and building owners don't understand how daylight works, they could run the risk of the building's occupants failing. Appropriate natural lighting design strategies, the integration between natural lighting and the design and operation of other building systems, and careful consideration of the perception and behavior of occupants are needed to achieve the potential energy savings derived from natural lighting and to support the comfort, health and performance of the building's occupants.

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